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Mosquito Life Cycle

Larvicide Products

Click on the links below for larvicide product labels and material safety data sheets: 
Vectobac 12AS: LabelMSDS
Vectobac G: LabelMSDS
Vectobac GS: LabelMSDS
Vectobac DT: LabelMSDS
Vectobac WDG: LabelMSDS
Vectolex WDG:  LabelMSDS
Vectolex WSP: LabelMSDS
Aquabac 200g: LabelMSDS
Spheratax SPH: Label, MSDS
Fourstar Briquets: LabelMSDS 

Mosquito Life Cycle

Survey data

Click on the links below to see larval counts from our survey dips:
2015 Larvae Count
2016 Larvae Count
2017 Larvae Count

2018 Larvae Count
2019 Larvae Count
2020 Larvae Count

2021 Larvae Count
​2022 Larvae Count

Flooding simulation of Lemon Fair River

Light Trap Results

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