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out in the field with Sam Chester, Bill Hegemann and Mia Handle-Reinecker
map of the Lemon Fair and Otter Creek rivers

Out in the field with Sam Chester, Bill Hegemann, and Mia Handte-Reinecker

Who we are:

The goal of the LFICD is to improve the quality of life in our towns and to lower public health risks from mosquito-borne disease by controlling mosquito populations. Mosquito control is accomplished primarily through the use of hand and aerial application of environmentally safe mosquito larvicides. We treat only after it has been determined that the number of larvae meet the threshold established by best practices and the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.

How we are funded

The LFICD is supported by grants from the State of Vermont and contributions from the towns of Bridport, Cornwall and Weybridge.

Board of supervisors

The LFICD is currently managed by a volunteer board of seven supervisors.

  • Bridport: Dinah Bain and Judd Markowsk

  • Cornwall: Christine Chapline, Bob Cluss , and David Zarowin

  • Weybridge: Gary Rodes and Anne Starvish


We are actively seeking new board members; please contact us at if you're interested.


The LFICD employs Field Coordinator Craig Zondag and Field Interns.


  • Audrey Maxwell, 2023 Field Biology Internship

  • Ramsey Anis, 2023 Field Biology Internship

  • Arianna Morton, 2022 Field Biology Internship

  • Nicholas Steinthal, 2022 Field Biology Internship

  • Yide Xu (Alex), 2022 GIS-LiDar Mapping Internship

  • Mia Handte-Reinecker, 2021 Field Biology Internship

  • Sam Chester, 2021 GIS-LiDar Mapping Internship

  • Olivia Olson,  2020 Field Biology Internship

  • Ryan Pratt, 2020 Field Biology Internship


If you are interested in employment, contact the Lab at (802) 545-2847.

Contact us

For more information about our activities, please contact the lab at 802.545.2847 or call the hotline at 802.349.5407.  If we're in the field, leave a message and the Field Coordinator will get back to you. You may also email us at:

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